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Great Buddha Dordenma, Buddha Point

Majestically sitting on top of Bhutan’s capital city, Thimphu, there’s an enormous Buddha statue known as the Great Buddha Dordenma. At almost 52m (168 feet) high, it’s one of the world’s largest and tallest Buddha statues.

Bhutan constructed this wonderful statue to commemorate the 60th anniversary of its 4th King, Jigme Singye Wangchuck. They manufactured the statue out of bronzed and plated it in gold at a cost of more than US$100 million.

Great Buddha Dordenma Statue, Buddha Point, Thimphu Bhutan_Attractions_buddha dordenma_1

Credit: @touranetran

The main road leading to the site is called Buddha Point, hence many visitors actually use it to refer to the actual statue.

If you’re visiting Thimphu, this is an attraction that you shouldn’t miss. If it’s not in your itinerary, do request from your travel operator to include it as it’s a short drive away from Thimphu’s city centre.

What’s special about this giant Buddha Dordenma?

Besides the fact that it’s one of the largest in the world, not many visitors know it has huge three-storey base and body. The base contains a chapel while the body houses 125,000 miniature Buddhas within it (100,000 8-inch and 25,000 12-inch gold-plated bronze buddhas).

Blessed with a strategic spot, the site offers a breath-taking view of Southern Thimphu. This magnificent statue looks stunningly good in the morning light or at night when it’s lit up and illuminated.

Buddha Dordenma, Fact or Fiction?

Many believe that the statue has actually fulfilled 2 prophecies.

The first was foretold by the great Yog Sona Sangpo who prophesised that a large Buddha statue would be built to deliver peace and joy to the world.

The second was claimed to be mentioned in the eighth century teaching of Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche), an 8th century Buddhist master.

Buddha Point - How was it constructed?

It may not be a surprise to many that the statue was actually constructed in China. They then cut it into smaller parts, shipped and transported them overland through the southwestern town of Phuentsholing.